Bokeljski Brodet

Brodet or brodeto is a fish stew made in Montenegro. It consists of several types of fish, and the most important aspect of brudet is its simplicity of preparation and the fact that it is always prepared in a single pot.


Cicvara is stewed cornmeal with kajmak (salted and then compressed fresh cream) and cvarci (diced bacon).

Jagnjetina U Mlijeku

Montenegrin lamb in milk is a traditional dish that’s only found in northern Montenegro . The lamb is slowly stewed in milk with potatoes , carrots , fennel , rosemary , garlic , parsley and seasoning . Traditionally , this dish is made in a sac over coals and the meat comes out beautifully tender .


Japraci is dolma made with rastan leaves , served with mashed potato .


Kacamak is polenta with buttered potato and kajmak , served with cold milk , buttermilk or yoghurt .

Pastrovski Makaruli

Pastrovski Makaruli (Buckwheat Macaroni) a type of homemade macaroni with olive oil and cheese from brine .

Skadarski Krap

A 30-minute drive from the coast brings visitors to one of Montenegro’s hidden gems , Skadar Lake . The enormous lake and wetland is a national park and it’s teeming with wildlife . The local speciality on the lake is Skadarski Krap (Skadar Lake Carp) and is served fried, smoked or marinated in oil .

Popara (Masanica)

Popara (Masanica ) sa skorupom ili sirom (Skorup – salted cottage cream and cheese) .


Priganice (fritters or flat doughnuts) served with honey, cheese , or jam .


Rastan (a slightly bitter, sturdy dark-green vegetable from the cabbage family, similar to Italian cavolo nero. It is deliciously cooked into a stew with smoked pork ribs or ham hocks)