There is a place on this planet that I would go to all the time if I could. A place where I discovered strengths I never knew I had and a place where I have, for the first time ever, felt how small we all are compared to this world and its wonders. This place is every single inch of mountains of Montenegro.

Come to see the lakes early in the morning. At that time, the lakes are flat and like a mirror. Walking around the lakes should take an hour and half. The most beautiful lakes are in Montenegro.

Montenegro has a beautiful Adriatic cost. Its popular coastal towns like Budva and Kotor, have beautiful resorts. Their luxury blend well with the fascinating nature of Montenegro. The country has long beaches, mountains, canyons and fjords – everything in one place for a relaxing and adventurous vacation.

Whether you are looking for a secluded getaway, place to chill and relax, party or learn how to kite surf, Montenegro has it all and more. Let’s take a tour through the Top beaches of Montenegro.

Montenegro by Drone